In March 2015 the Jason Roberts Foundation (JRF) announced the new accredited training course for coaches, youth workers and volunteers on equality, diversity and inclusion.


The idea is to build a sports and youth workforce that are skilled in understanding equality and diversity issues, challenging behaviour that is racist / prejudiced, and embed our ethos into everyday delivery.

The JRF will continue to deliver OCNLR Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Level 1 and 2 courses across the UK and Grenada to inspire and enable young people to reach their potential by providing education and employment pathways.


Throughout the years, we have been working in partnership with Ark Academy and Meadow High School to deliver in mainstream and special education schools in Grenada.

Although sport is important, it is the outcome of sport that is important.


The Jason Roberts Foundation team that often travels from the UK to Grenada includes teachers and heads from Ark Academy and Meadow school, as well as sports delivery from The Golf Trust and Dash.

Our work also includes taking Special Education Specialists from the UK to Grenada to work with Head Teachers in Grenada to discuss curriculum for special education schools across the region.