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Charity Silent Auction for Inclusive Sports programme in Grenada

Sam Edmondson and Jen Cullen are travelling to Grenada on behalf of the Jason Roberts Foundation for two reasons:

  • 1.   To train teachers on inclusive practises for children with Special Educational Needs.
  • 2.   To develop an approach to increasing participation in physical activity for all children across Grenada.


Nearly 60% of adults in Grenada are overweight or obese, and 13% suffer from diabetes.

The Jason Roberts Foundation, having seen first-hand the huge increase in Ark physical activity participation last year, have asked us to support their work to tackle this epidemic.

For more info on the Grenada project, please follow this link: https://www.justgiving.com/ark-jrf/


The final fundraising event before we depart is a charity Silent Auction, with a selection of sports memorabilia up for grabs.


All items will be displayed at school on Friday, however we are more than happy to accept emailed bids so that you can reserve your piece of sporting history!



Please circulate around any friends/family who are football fanatics or known to be particularly generous(!),


Please contact Sam Edmondson on S.Edmondson@arkacademy.org