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JRF engage and inspire more than 130 young females at Women’s Celebration Day

Jason Roberts Foundation hosts its first ever Women’s Celebration Day to support, celebrate and respect women at Ark Academy with Chelsea FC and England player Eni Aluko.

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The Jason Roberts Foundation celebrates women in sport, as a part of the International Women’s Day 2016 by engaging young females from the London Borough of Brent to their first ever women’s celebration event.

Jason Roberts attended the launch of the Foundation’s new female programme, which encourage more young females to take part in sport, funded by Sport England, Comic Relief and Hyde Group.

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The sports included; Athletics, football, golf, basketball and boxing. During the sports activities UltimatePlayer gathered statistics to show the girls their development throughout the day.

The day continued with inspirational speeches from Shelley Alexander; Editorial lead on Women’s Sport for BBC, Jo Tongue; CEO of Tongue Tied Media, Lorna Falconer; Logistics Manager for Brentford FC, Sonia Meggie; Entrepreneur and Diversity Adviser and professional footballer Eni Aluko.

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The six women also put on inspiring workshops, which encouraged the young females to say yes to every opportunity presented to them, put themselves forward and talk to people.

The event finished with networking and a sports fayre, where local sports club were invited to promote their programmes in the community.

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Jason Roberts MBE, Trustee and Founder of the Jason Roberts Foundation, said:

“It has been an incredible day where we have seen over a hundred young women from across North West London taking part in so many sports.

“The Foundation is really happy to work with young women and promote both participation in sport but also the opportunities around sport.

“While sport is important, it isn’t just about the athletes. The event today was about showing young women that there so many possibilities in and around sport. The role models who spoke showcased the many avenues and jobs open to young women if they can see and then take them.

“I would really like to thank our funders for making this programme possible and I’m so excited that this is just the beginning.”

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Eni Aluko, Chelsea FC. and England footballers, said;

“It’s fantastic the work Jason and the Foundation is doing. It’s really important for organisations like the Jason Roberts Foundation to really engage with their communities because Jason is a former professional footballer, who has the influence to be able to help other people.

“There was a lot of engagement and physical activity and that’s important for women to feel confident in doing sports, being active, feeling empowered and beautiful. It’s really important for them to be able to relate to females who are successful in the industry.

“A lot of girls will leave today inspired by what they’ve heard and they’ll be itching to actually do it. If you can connect them with people in sport to provide them with opportunities that gives them more motivation to see it for themselves.”

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Carol Carter, Group Director of Housing at The Hyde Group, said:

“We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Jason Roberts Foundation and especially pleased to be supporting this amazing event, celebrating all that is great about women in sport.

“The workshops and activities have opened a world of possibilities to the young women taking part, both as athletes and working within the sporting arena. I am sure today has inspired a new generation of women to succeed in sport.”

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Ashara, 19-year-old participant; said:

“It was very interesting because we got to play a variety of sports, we didn’t just play one, and in the afternoon we were able to listen to different women in sport sharing their inspirational stories with us.

“We’ve got a lot of experience from the Jason Roberts Foundation already and it’s something we can put on our CVs to stand out from the rest and grow as individuals.

“I was inspired by Jo Tongue because you can see she has a lot on her plate, but she still manages to keep it all together. She studied something else and got into a different field and you can see how she saw her dream and worked towards it and achieved it.”

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Sam Edmondson, PE teacher at Ark Academy, said:

“Today was brilliant, I’m so glad the girls enjoyed it with good participation and the girls got some motivation speeches from the success stories.

“It’s always really important to find out what the girls want to do and help them get provision in that sense. If one of the most successful sports today has been the track and field, we should get the Track Academy in again.

“It’s important they heard the spectrum of different speakers. They have their PE teachers telling them every day to do sports to keep healthy, but when they see ladies with inspiring stories that hammers home the point of doing exercise for fun and even professional sport.”

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Jason Roberts Foundation, Charity Number: 1118887

For more information about the Jason Roberts Foundation please visit the website at www.JasonRobertsFoundation.com or email info@jasonrobertsfoundation.org

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