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JRF - Programmes

The Jason Roberts Foundation aims to provide opportunities for children and young people to participate in structured football activities across Grenada and the Caribbean, to improve health and fitness, self-esteem, confidence and promote social inclusion and to provide opportunities for all young people to participate in learning programmes which will enhance educational achievement.

Since the initial pilot programme in 2007 which attracted over 650 young people, the Foundation has developed a weekly timetable of structured sporting activities which include: After school clubs, Saturday Morning Coaching Centres, St George’s University Team Training, a Special Needs Training Session, Women’s Football and Monthly Floodlit Football sessions. In the summer of 2010 the National Youth Premier League was launched, and the following year a new initiative – the Talent ID and Youth Cultural Exchange Programme, was piloted.

The primary aims of the Foundation is to increase opportunities for, and levels of participation in sport and physical activity by all sections of the community resulting in improved health, well-being, community cohesion and enhanced quality of life. The priorities that have been identified are:

  • Reduce the percentage of people that are inactive, particularly those from low participation target groups.
  • Ensure opportunities for participation in sports and physical activity by all young people in the community, regardless of age, ability or circumstance.
  • Increase awareness of the opportunities available.
  • Provide high quality sports opportunities for disabled young people.
  • Assist local coaches to develop the skills to be competent to coach participants of all standards including disabled people.

JRF works across boundaries to engage and support young people.

All Foundation staff are trained to be role models in equality and diversity, and to challenge racism and prejudice in its many forms, and our projects actively encourage participants from all backgrounds and abilities to engage in activities, and we work across geographic and other boundaries to build stronger communities.
Our projects offer culturally sensitive programmes to engage disengaged and excluded groups in our activities, and achievements and activities are celebrated in events, festivals and fun days that bring whole communities together in local neighbourhoods.

Case Study

Gold in Grenada

In February 2013 the Foundation forged a new partnership with Cae Menai Davis – one of the founders of The Golf Trust – which was set up to highlight and develop the inclusive values of golf. Cae travelled to Grenada to deliver a week of sporting activities to the students of the three SEN schools that the Foundation has affiliated with – St Andrews, The Limes and Victoria School.

This was the first year that golf was introduced to the children, and it was enthusiastically received. The Golf Trust provided specialist equipment for the schools to use, and the young people tried putting and driving shots, whilst others took part in the footballing activities delivered by Rob Burton, Deputy Chief Officer of Disablement Association Hillingdon (DASH) – who is a specialist disability football coach.

The golf equipment was left with one of the schools and will be rotated to each of the schools to enable all of the children to continue to develop the new skills they have learnt.

Following his first trip with the Foundation to Grenada Cae said; “The week in Grenada was truly a humbling experience and one that will stay with me forever. To see the fantastic work done by the Foundation with its partners first hand was inspiring, and to have the opportunity to bring golf to the programme was brilliant. The kids were a dream to meet and teach. The smiles on the children’s faces are the proof that the Foundation continues to do great work. Future plans for the project are very exciting and I look forward to growing the partnership and once again visit the amazing island of Grenada.”