Multisport programme / Play the game

Play the Game is a multi-sport programme delivered by the Foundation’s sessional coaches and partners at our main delivery hub; the Pavilion Centre in Stonebridge, where JRF has been delivering its programmes since 2007 engaging hard to reach young people from aged 10-25 years old.


The programme is committed to using unique sports to engage the local youths, enabling them to try out a new physical activity, whilst keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.

Brent is the 11th most deprived area out of 33 local authority areas in London. Young People in Brent, and further afield have issues to face such as high unemployment figures, gangs and lack of social opportunities within the community.


The JRF secured a funding boost from Sport England in 2015 for its work with young people in Brent. The Foundation is one of the first in the in the UK to offer ‘snag golf’, a velcro-style sport played on Astroturf, binning the stereotype that golf, rugby and tennis are not for people from disadvantaged communities.

Sport, when used effectively, can provide a perfect platform to challenge stereotypes, build understanding and develop friendships with people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. Although sport is important, it is the outcomes that is the key to the operation of the Foundation.