The Jason Roberts Foundation has existed since 2007 and in 2008 the Foundation expanded their work from not only providing abled bodies with sports sessions but also delivering sports sessions for people with disabilities.

The Foundation’s disability programme is focusing on sporting activities for children and young people with Special Needs, because taking part in physical activity is important to all of us and for disabled people an active lifestyle can significantly help improve their health and increase social interaction.


The disability programme extended to Grenada in 2010, and we have since seen great partnerships between our disability work in the UK and in Grenada. St George’s university and true blue bay resort are once again providing resources to make this trip happen.


Previous trips between the organisation’s programmes have included workshops and coaching sessions at the three Special Education Needs Schools in Grenada, the scheme demonstrates to teachers’ new techniques to use when dealing with children who have disabilities or special needs, as well as supporting the schools with a robust sports programme

At the next trip in November 2016, Ross McDonald, Head Teacher of Meadow High School, will be working with the Grenadian Minister of Education and Special Needs Schools to support the islands special needs curriculum and learning outcomes.


Ross McDonald, Head Teacher of Meadow School, said: “On behalf of Meadow High School we would like to thank the JRF for a great opportunity to help develop special needs provision in Grenada.

“As always it’s a pleasure to work with the foundation and the ministry of education and this year’s project of developing a full island Special needs curriculum can only have long reaching benefits to all concerned”.

Meadow High School has previously donated more than 25 computers to Special Education schools in Grenada and Dale Costick from meadow will be on hand to install and to maintain the equipment.