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Delivered from Bridgestone Arena in the heart of Brent, Play the Game supports young people at a disproportionate risk of unemployment, social exclusion, and gang involvement. 

Anchored by the inimitable arch of Wembley Stadium to the north, Brent remains a deprived borough by both local and national standards.

Since 2007, the Foundation’s Play the Game multi-sport project has provided a safe space for young people to develop positive relationships, challenge stereotypes, and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Young people are introduced to traditionally inaccessible sports such as golf — the Foundation, along with partners The Golf Trust were the first to launch a snag golf programme in Brent — tennis, and rugby.


Backed by local and national funders over the years, including Sport England, the project remains a staple for young people from Brent and beyond throughout their key developmental years. 

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