JRF & Brent Council Climate Cup 2021

Climate discussion

On Wednesday 8th December JRF were pleased to again work in partnership with Brent Council on hosting a new initiative, the Climate Cup, a free Football Tournament for 14 – 21-year-olds. 

Teams competed for the Climate Cup 2021 Trophy, and off the pitch they had the opportunity to learn more about climate change and the small, everyday things we can all do to try to try to halt it.

Climate change and environmental sustainability are subjects that the young people of Brent have shown a keen interest in. During the round-table discussions they demonstrated a good knowledge of the issues we all face in the fight to stop further damage to our planet, understanding the impact this would have on them and future generations.

During the evening refreshments were provided and prizes were given to some of the deserving competitors. The winning team raised the Climate Cup 2021 trophy at the end of the football tournament, but everyone who attended agreed that Climate change is an issue we all must win.

Read the Brent Council press release here

Watch a short video of the event here

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JRF Launch Inspire to Achieve Heritage Project

Group shot at Launch of Heritage Projet

On Wednesday 17th November JRF launched the new Inspire to Achieve Heritage project: Uncovering the Histories of the Footballers who Paved the Way in the borough of Brent including Paul Merson, Dave Beasant, Rachel Yankey, Richard Langley, the Stein brothers – Mark, Edwin, and Brian, Jason Roberts, Luther Blissett, Phillip Ifil, Jerel Ifil, Dale Banton, Dave Regis, Ricky Hill, Gary Waddock, Darren Currie, Jamal Campbell-Ryce, Jerome Thomas, Junior Lewis, Eartha Pond, and the family of the late Cyrille Regis.

The Inspire to Achieve Launch Event was held at Bridgestone Arena against the backdrop of the home of English football, the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Guests enjoyed hearing from Patricia Lichst, Engagement Manager for the National Lottery Heritage Fund, New PFA Chief Executive Maheta Molango, along with UCFB’s President of GIS Sharona Friedman, representatives from The Rise Trust, Brent Schools – who will represent a key link in the project, and Youth Ambassadors from JRF.

Thanks to National Lottery players, the exciting new project will uncover the untold stories of 18 footballers from Brent who paved the way for future sportspeople, and will produce exhibitions, talks, and memory cafes along the way.

An emotional Mark and Brian Stein paid tribute to their late father, while Jamaica international Jamal Campbell-Ryce, Eartha Pond, and Jerome Thomas hailed the need for such history to be uncovered.

Young people from Brent will benefit from the Inspire to Achieve project by honing their media, presenting, and production skills and will have the opportunity to meet and interview the former players as part of the collation of their oral histories.

Visits to the areas these former footballers lived, to the schools they attended when they were young, the parks and green spaces across the Borough where they may have first kicked a ball, and observing their views on the changes that have taken place through the regeneration of the area, will play a massive part in uncovering the authentic stories that will stay will us and be recorded and archived in our museums and libraries.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation commented, “JRF would like to thank the National Lottery Heritage Fund for believing in the project. Thanks to National Lottery players they have provided the opportunity for us to uncover these authentic stories from some of the unsung heroes of the game, some of whom arrived in Brent from distant shores and who achieved so much. These untold stories will be preserved for current and future generations, and we hope they too will be Inspired to Achieve their dreams and goals.”

He went on to say, “Brent is the home of Wembley Stadium which hosts major football matches, but the borough does not have a professional club in the area. It’s fitting that this project remembers and celebrates the players that paved the way for the likes of Raheem Sterling and Yannick Bolasie who were both raised in this wonderful borough.”

Watch a short video of the evening here

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Cultural Media Centre gives a voice to Brent residents

Cultural Media Centre Launch Event flyer

November 10th was the launch night for the new Cultural and Media Centre (CMC) at the Jason Roberts Foundation (JRF). The evening was dedicated to informing every individual at our centre, ranging from children to adults about how the new CMC provides a platform where everyone has a voice, especially during the disconnected times we have faced, during the pandemic, which sees a shift to more online ways of communicating.

The launch night highlighted the opportunities within the CMC, for example, photography, engagement, media, and film. This centre’s aim is to help individuals learn new skills and credentials as well as offer enjoyable media activities that are on offer at the same time.

The JRF held multiple interactive workshops with children of all ages and backgrounds so that they could discuss opportunities. Additionally, displaying the new full green screen studio, microphones, and multiple photographic types of equipment available, with the aim to promote the different career opportunities within the media industry whilst inspiring the young generation.

Many of the individuals that attended the evening, reported positively to the CMC; one Brent teenager expressed that she was very ‘excited’; and another young person stated that they ‘couldn’t wait to get started’ as they were extremely impressed by the new media opportunities the centre is now providing them, as these resources (and Media Courses) are not provided by their schools.

In addition, a small number of Brent youths have launched a new podcast, ‘Kids Talk’ which has become quite popular around the centre; this podcast encourages young people to discuss any relevant topic, no matter how big or small, such as disputes with siblings, COVID-19, and sport. This illustrates the opportunities and freedom these individuals will get due to the CMC that possibly wouldn’t be offered elsewhere.

The JRF encourages and welcomes everyone to come along and explore these amazing new resources available to help provide skills and opportunities to them.

Written by Georgia Winters – UCFB Student

Community First for JRF

Women's football teams

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to putting community first, each Sunday Brent residents are invited to Bridgestone Arena to take part in a host of activities.

Over the last few months JRF have held a range of Community Sundays to cater for individuals and groups of different ages from the Brent neighbourhood.

These events have included international football tournaments which have seen Algerian, Brazilian, Somalian, and Indian communities join forces, a Women’s football tournament where the Brazilians took the title, and more recently a T10 Cricket match hosted by local company, Bakkover Foods.

In September the Stonebridge Originals enjoyed a day of family fun with refreshments and music, another Community Sunday saw local elders come together to meet friends and neighbours, and take part in a range of activities, and the theme of a summer event was a Festival of Sport, where families could take part in a range of sporting activities in the open air.

The purpose of JRF’s Community Sunday events is to encourage individuals and groups of residents to come together and enjoy the activities on offer.

Martene Carroll, Business Development Manager for the Foundation commented; “We know, from the community outreach work we have done over the last year, there are many people of all different ages and situations, who feel isolated and lonely. By hosting these Community Sundays, we are offering everyone across Brent the chance to come together and take part in some fun activities, but most importantly, to meet neighbours and hopefully, make new friends. Our aim through these events, is to help residents feel more connected to their community.”

Martene added, “We encourage anyone who wants to come along to future events to follow us on social media #JasonRobertsFdn where we promote upcoming activities.”



JRF & Higgins Focus on Climate Change

Children holding booklets on Climate Change

On Wednesday 13th October, the JRF in partnership with Higgins invited the Brent community to join them at Bridgestone Arena to discuss the all-important topic of Climate Change and the minor changes people can make that will lead to a positive change.

Waste Management giant Veolia, Ackroyd Lowrie Architects and Brent Council who are making it their business to act on climate change, attended the important discussion covering subjects like carbon emissions, how it affects us, and ways to minimise carbon emission in Brent – for example, walking and cycling more.

A week prior to the event, JRF held a community forum to assess local people’s knowledge and understanding of the subject, which helped residents to prepare questions they wanted to ask of the panel on the day of the event.

JRF Youth Ambassadors have previously had the opportunity to be involved in round table discussions with Brent Council and Ackroyd Lowrie Architects and they again used the opportunity to ask tough questions of the panel.

The Climate Change Discussion which ran from 5.00 – 8.00 pm was a free to attend event for the Brent community to have the opportunity to hear from the panel of professionals, including Ackroyd Lowrie Architects – who kindly sponsored the refreshments for the day. Oliver Lowrie – one of the Directors of the visionary Architect Practice provided a fantastic insight into the effects of carbon emissions, as well as a view of the new buildings and developments they are working on through their virtual reality headsets.

Ackroyd Lowries’ write up of the event can be read here

With sport as the backdrop of this vital discussion, the event continued into the evening with elders from the community, and centre user groups giving their views about Climate Change.

The JRF Team look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

Watch the video here




JRF Welcome Brent Elders to Bridgestone

Older people arriving at Bridgestone Arena

On Sunday 10th October the JRF Team were delighted to invite older Brent residents to a special Community Event at Bridgestone Arena as part of their Building Communities project funded through the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL).

This exciting day with the doors opening at 3 pm was organised by JRF and Diane Shrouder, one of the Foundation’s Community Outreach mentors, to invite residents, many of whom have been isolating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, to come together and enjoy a day to socialise with neighbours and friends.

These older residents, some of whom regularly take part in Cherelle’s online exercise classes, had the opportunity to enjoy some of the activities on offer including Reflexology, sports and games, golf with one of our delivery partners – The Golf Trust, and refreshments with music to add to the atmosphere.

Brent Health Matters were on hand to offer information and guidance on general health concerns including blood pressure, and Cherelle held a special chair exercise class for those who attended.

JRF Youth Ambassadors were on hand to assist with the community event and mixed with the older residents and heard stories of growing up in Brent over the years, and Age UK supported the Foundation with some of the resources required.

Sister Penelope from the Seventh Day Adventist Group attended with members from the Golden Ages Group.

Those who hadn’t visited the centre for some time, had the chance to tour the new Cultural Media Centre, and a music performance from a local reggae artist Vincent Nap added a touch of spice to the special event.

JRF Roadshow helps to Reach and Build Communities

JRF Roadshow Digital Flyer

Throughout September the JRF Community Outreach Team packed up RAPIDShelter™ tents and sporting equipment and went on a Roadshow to local parks and green spaces in Brent as part of their Reaching and Building Communities projects funded by the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL).

As part of the Building Communities project the JRF Team travelled to several parks in neighbouring wards, to deliver outreach sporting activities and signposting to other advocacy and support agencies, for Brent residents including those who may feel marginalised and socially excluded.

From Saturday 18th to Tuesday 28th September the JRF Roadshow visited several parks including Tokyngton, Gladstone, Welsh Harp, Barham, King Edwards Park in Wembley, and Alperton – Heather Park Drive, where Cllr. Ketan Sheth – Chair of Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee joined the JRF Team.

The purpose of the Roadshow was to enable the JRF team to engage residents from the wider Brent community who may not be aware of the services on offer across the Borough, including the sports centre at Bridgestone Arena – the ‘home’ of JRF, encourage them to take part in the sports activities being delivered, and to invite them to Bridgestone Arena and take part in the ongoing Reaching Communities and Building Communities projects run by JRF.

Angela, one of JRF’s Community Outreach Mentors said, “Being part of the JRF Building Communities project allows me to give back to the community. I feel able to add value, and  I can see the positive impact the project is having on the lives of others. I am proud to be a part of the project.”

For more information about how to get involved in the Building Communities Project please contact



The Half Term Experience with JRF

Half Term Digital Flyer

This October the JRF are opening the doors at Bridgestone Arena and welcoming children and young people aged 6 – 16 years old from Brent to join the Half Term Experience. 

Starting on Monday 25th October at 12 noon the young people of Brent will be able to enjoy their half term week keeping fit, active, and healthy enjoying a wide range of sporting activities.

The Half Term Experience will run from Monday 25th October daily from 12.00 until 4.00 pm through to Thursday 28th October.

To join the fun, all you need to do is attend, register, donate, and play!

We look forward to seeing you there!

JRF Box Clever to promote new Boxing Sessions

Boxing Training on court

In August the JRF joined forces with local partners, Cricklewood Boxing Club and First Round Fitness, to promote their new weekly Boxing sessions.

The event held at Bridgestone Arena, the ‘home’ of the Foundation since it’s launch in 2007,  proved to be very popular with people of all ages and abilities using punch bags in the new gym area that has been created at the centre, or sparring for those who already had some experience in the sport.

The male and female coaches from Cricklewood Boxing Club and First Round Fitness ensured everyone who attended the event were armed with some of the moves including how to jab, cross, hook, and upper cut, as well as how to guard against their opponents’ punches.

Girls proved to be as quick on the jab as the boys, and many left the event with the enthusiasm to take part in the weekly sessions on offer.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation commented, “It was great to see so many people take part in our Boxing Clever event, and we were especially pleased to see an increased number of girls getting involved. We are grateful to our partners Cricklewood Boxing Club and First Round Fitness for their support in hosting this event and we hope to do another one soon.”

JRF Boxing sessions are held at Bridgestone Arena, NW10 8LW on the following days:

Wednesday 7 – 8pm for all ages

Thursday 5 – 6 pm for 5 – 8-yrs / 7 – 8pm for Girls / 8 – 9pm for 16+ yrs

Saturday 12.30 – 1.30 pm for all ages

Sunday 1 – 2 pm

For details of Cricklewood Boxing Club classes go to

For information on First Round Fitness go to

Health Matters for JRF and the Brent community

Brent Health Matters

Earlier this month JRF added Health in the Community to the ever-growing agenda of sports, fitness, and participation programmes on offer, with a Health Matters Event at Bridgestone Arena.

Over 200 people from the Brent community attended the event and had the opportunity to hear from several health professionals against a backdrop of sporting activities that they could participate in.

Delegates from Brent Health Matters including Andre the agency’s Clinical Lead, and representatives from Mental Health and Sexual Health were on hand to speak to the community about these important topics.

Lyndon Wissart – the Inspired Diabetic and professional Chef was also present to provide nutrition and diet guidance as well as information on Diabetes as were the 360 Well-being Company.

A series of short talks with the young people and elders who attended, with interviews and pep talks providing much needed advice continued into the evening and the over 50s were given a masterclass in nutrition and diet before their football match.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation commented, “It was extremely pleasing to see so many members of the Brent community – young and old, come along to this Health event. It’s clear that Health Matters to many people and we are grateful to the support from local health organisations and professionals by attending.

We were delighted to welcome Esther, one of our regulars on the weekly online fitness sessions delivered by Cherrelle and Michael, to the centre and we look forward to seeing her more.”

JRF hope to continue these types of events that provide vital information to the Brent community on a more frequent basis throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

Watch the video here


Lyndon Wissart – The Inspired Diabetic

Brent Health Matters