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JRF Announce first Digital Careers Fair

Flyer advertising Digital Careers Fair

JRF are pleased to announce their first Digital Careers Fair broadcasting live on Wednesday 25th November.

The event, which will be aired via StreamYard, will be hosted by Jo Tongue – CEO of Tongue Tied Management and Trustee of JRF, with guests on this first panel from a range of industries and fields including Network Rail, the Royal Air Force, St. George Property Developers, University Campus of Football Business (UCFB), and Brent Works.

For a few years JRF has delivered programmes of support involving life skills, education, training, and career opportunities within their multi-sports activities, and have hosted several Careers Fairs to benefit their young participants.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting people’s livelihoods with businesses closing, job losses, income reduction, and future ambitions  put on hold, JRF felt this was a crucial time to forge ahead with the Careers element of their programmes.

Otis Roberts, CEO of JRF said, “We understand how this ongoing crisis is affecting peoples lives, with their ability to earn a decent living a primary concern for many. For our young people, the future is uncertain and plans they had in place at the start of this year, may be on hold, or no longer viable.”

He went on to say. “The pandemic has had a bearing on how many people are reviewing their current situation, and might be considering a different career pathway, retraining, furthering their education, or setting up their own business. With no upper age limit on some Apprenticeships now, it’s never too late to pursue new opportunities. We wanted to provide a platform where people can access information that is relevant to their future plans.”

The first event will be streamed from 6pm next Wednesday and information on how to access the broadcast will be updated on JRF’s social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @JasonRobertsFdn

JRF receives donation from Capital City Academy

Capital City Academy Building

The JRF team were thrilled to  receive a donation from Capital City Academy, for funds raised as part of the school’s Black History Month event.

JRF is well-known to the teaching staff and many of the students of Capital City Academy, who regularly attend the sports and fitness sessions delivered by JRF at Bridgestone Arena.

Jason Roberts, MBE, founder of the charity, took the time to record a special video thanking everyone at the school for their contribution in raising funds, and for thinking of the Foundation to receive the donation.

The video will be shown in the different tutor groups over the course of this week.

In the video Jason said, “I feel very fortunate to have had an upbringing in the Brent, Harlesden community, that looks after each other so well.”

He talked about the importance of community and retaining links with where you were brought up, saying “Brent is a community that is so proud of it’s heritage and somewhere that has produced some amazing people, who have used the opportunities afforded to them by the community.”

Jason thanked Capital City Academy saying, “It means a lot for you to think of us (JRF) and I’m very proud that you consider our work valuable enough to invest in and fundraise for.”

A representative from Capital City Academy said “As an academy with a history embedded in sports, it was only right that we chose the Jason Roberts Foundation as our charity to make this donation. The JRF are part of our local community and the tireless work that they continue to provide towards the development and wellbeing of our youth, is strongly aligned with our core values as an educational institution. Capital City Academy looks forward to collaborative projects with the JRF in the near future!”

Follow the work of JRF via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @JasonRobertsFdn

JRF – Reaching Communities thanks to NCIL

Older lady and young boy playing dominoes

The Jason Roberts Foundation has been awarded a grant by Brent Council to support their Reaching Communities Project, as part of the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL).

Reaching Communities is an intergenerational project that supports the whole community by encompassing Youth Engagement, Community Cohesion, Health and Wellbeing – increasing intergenerational engagement in arts, sport, wellbeing, technology, and media activities, while celebrating the culture and heritage of the local community.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation said, “Our Reaching Communities project resonates with JRF’s ethos of Community First. We want to see more people accessing the facilities and activities on offer through our Community hub at Bridgestone Arena. Thanks to this grant from Brent Council as part of the NCIL fund, we hope to see increased numbers of residents feeling fitter, healthier, and more connected to their community.”

The council collects money from new eligible developments in the Borough through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). CIL is a charge used to help local authorities to deliver the infrastructure needed to support development.

Up to 15 % (or up to 25% where there is a neighbourhood plan in place) of the CIL money collected is available to fund infrastructure, which, among other criteria, is aligned with priorities expressed by local communities, called Neighbourhood Priorities. This proportion of the CIL money is the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) and is applied for by residents and organisations who would like to see more localised, community led, projects being delivered.

Kate Lambert, Grants Manager at Brent Council said; “It is great to see projects like the JRF Reaching Communities Project being delivered by local organisations, supporting, and empowering our communities in Brent. NCIL ‘s purpose is to build infrastructure supporting local development and it will be great to see how this project does exactly that. Look forward to seeing the difference JRF makes to their local community!”

For more information visit the NCIL webpage.

To find out more about Reaching Communities follow JRF @jasonrobertsfdn on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram