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JRF Awarded Grant from the Hyde Charitable Trust

Boy in JRF Kit next to JRF Logo

The JRF team are excited to announce they have been awarded a 3-year Grant from the Hyde Charitable Trust to deliver the ‘JRF in the Community’ Project.

The Sport for development project aims to build community engagement and increase sports participation by delivering a range of fun, accessible, and exciting activities including multi-sports, team games, and fitness sessions.

There will be Personal and social development training incorporating careers workshops, life-skills, and financial literacy sessions, as well as volunteering and training opportunities to enhance skills, qualifications, and career prospects.

Mentoring and progression pathways will engage the most marginalised and isolated in the local community, to develop confidence and enhance self-esteem through creative endeavours and, ‘Find your Voice’ media sessions.

The ‘JRF in the Community’ project caters for the entire Brent community to encourage everyone to participate in and enjoy community sports activities, as well as the wraparound services offered through the programme.

Julie Costley, Hyde’s Successful Places, Projects and Partnership Manager said:

“We’re delighted to be supporting the ‘JRF in the Community’ project. At Hyde we can see first-hand the vital role that organisations such as JRF play – both to young people and adults.

“The pandemic caused a lot of disruption to communities, impacting on everything from activity levels to people’s self-confidence. This funding is going to help develop more opportunities for people across Brent to engage with sport, training and physical activity.

“We’re looking forward to engaging even more with communities in Brent and helping inspire people to achieve their goals.”

To ensure there are no barriers to participation, there will be a range of open mixed sessions, girls, and women only sessions, and inclusive sports, games, and activity sessions including trips and excursions for children and young people with physical and learning disabilities.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation said; “We are thrilled to have been chosen to receive this grant from the Hyde Charitable Trust. For several years Hyde have supported us to deliver sports and recreational activities for the children and young people of Brent. This 3-year grant will help us to engage all Brent residents to create a positive and inclusive community where everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport and lead healthier and happier lives.”

JRF Receive Back to Movement Funding

Young People being taught Golf

JRF are delighted to announce a second year of funding from Back to Movement by Track Academy, to deliver the ‘Golf in the Community’ and ‘Youth Zone’ projects for the benefit of children and young people in Brent.

Due to the success and popularity of both projects that were launched in early 2022, JRF have been awarded the grant funding to continue the initiatives.

Back to Movement continues in 2023, with an extended programme designed for the local Brent community and surrounding boroughs to contribute to, not only recover from Covid-19, but to also help bring back the bond in communities across London.

Track Academy in collaboration with Sport England (Together Fund) and National Lottery (Community Fund) continues to go back to basics by, getting people and communities back into movement. The aim with this programme is to continue encouraging the community to come together and work together, to get active again by rebuilding hope, reconnect and looking forward to the future.

JRF’s ‘Golf in the Community’ project will provide urban golf for local children and young people – helping them to keep active and healthy, and offering a new sport for them to try. Sessions will be delivered twice weekly – one from Bridgestone Arena, NW10, the other through community outreach in local schools, parks and green spaces.

Young participants will also have the opportunity to take part in trips to a professional Golf Club, with the support of JRF’s Golf Partners.

The ‘Youth Zone’ is an inclusive and accessible club held each week on a Friday evening for young people to connect socially. In addition to multi-sports, games, and exercise, the club provides creative activities including music and media, as well as mentoring and careers workshops for older participants considering progression pathways.

Martene Carroll, Business Development Manager for JRF said; “We are so grateful to Track Academy, Sport England, and the National Lottery Community Fund for their continued support through these grants. Enabling us to deliver a second year of ‘Golf in the Community’ and the ‘Youth Zone’ will not only help us to engage more young people, but it will allow us to have a deeper and more sustainable impact on those who have previously taken part in the activities.”

Back to Movement project coordinator Grace Veys says: “The programme has helped many organisations expand their services and reach more people over the course of 2022. We are glad that we are able to continue the project for another year. The project motivates thousands of Brent residents and other boroughs to leave the house again after Covid-19, meet new people, learn new skills and have a brighter look at the future. We are glad to be stripping away financial and accessibility barriers, creating safe spaces for participants, improving quality of life, increasing self-esteem and confidence, and most importantly healing after grief.”

If you would like more information regarding these projects please contact with the subject header either ‘Golf in the Community’ or ‘Youth Zone’.

Easter EGG-travaganza at JRF 

Easter Flyer Cropped

April 2023 

On Monday 3rd April JRF opened its doors at Bridgestone Arena, NW10 8LW, the ‘home’ of the Foundation since its launch in 2007, for an Easter Half Term Holiday programme for children and young people of Brent. 

Thanks to funding from Young Brent Foundation’s One Flow One Brent (OFOB) and Hyde Housing partnership, the Easter holiday programme will help to keep young people safe, connected, occupied, and active during the two week break from school. 

With a broad range of sports and activities on offer including Tennis, Football, Boxing, Dance, Golf, Basketball, and Teqball to name a few, as well as creative and personal development workshops, and opportunities for children to try out new sports, there is bound to be something for everyone.  

JRF offer an open access programme of activities to ensure everyone can take part and no-one is excluded.  

Thanks to funding through Brent Council You Decide Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL), activities for children and young people with physical and learning disabilities are being integrated alongside mainstream delivery through JRF’s ‘Inclusive Communities’ project, and incorporate a Buddy System, creating an ethos where everyone can take part equally, helping to break down barriers to participation so the children feel less marginalised and excluded. 

The half term programmes help to ensure children and young people have a safe place to go during the long summer holidays, where they can take part in sports and fun, affordable activities. JRF strive to give children opportunities to keep fit, active, and healthy whilst having the opportunity to socialise with their friends and make new ones, and enjoy new experiences through trips and excursions. 

Otis Roberts CEO at the Foundation said: ‘We are delighted to be able to offer Brent youth a space to be active and healthy during the school holidays. Sport is a great tool for engagement giving children a variety of activities to try out, whilst interacting and making friends. We are thankful to Young Brent Foundation, OFOB, and Hyde Housing for their continued support, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.” 

With the spring sun shining brightly this is sure to be a fun and exciting Easter EGGtravanganza! 

For enquiries regarding the half term programme contact with the subject ‘Easter 2023’. 

For enquiries regarding the Inclusive Communities project contact with the subject ‘Inclusive Communities’. 

Follow the Jason Roberts Foundation social media channels @JasonRobertsFdn to keep up to date with all the news, ongoing activities, and new initiatives being delivered. 

This Girl Can: New Sports Programme for Girls

This Girl Can Flyer

March 2023

JRF are pleased to announce a new Sports Programme specifically for girls – ‘This Girl Can’ an outreach programme to reframe sport and physical activity for girls, to tackle adolescent and teenage disengagement.

The project funded by Hyde Housing Association Ltd. Will involve relatable role models to expand the image of what ‘sporty’ looks like, and aims to offer activities that are exciting and appealing, to encourage more girls to take part.

The 6-month ‘This Girl Can’ project has been informed by the findings and recommendations from the Women in Sport’s 2022 Report, funded by Sport England “Reframing Sport for Teenage Girls: Tackling Teenage Disengagement” Published in March 2022.

JRF has consulted with their existing female participants, Youth Volunteers, and Coaches to understand their motivation for playing sport and participating in activities that are on offer, and conversely, what barriers thet face that stops them from playing sport.

Using the information learnt, and a better understanding of teenage girls’ lives and their relationship with sport and physical activity, as well as the wider issues they face, JRF will offer targeted sports and physical activity sessions for girls that pose no judgement, give girls a voice and a choice, and encourage girls to build sport and exercise into their existing habits.

If you are interested in joining the programme please email with the subject header: This Girl Can.

JRF promote Positive Futures

Word Cloud

January 2023

In their continued bid to provide a wraparound service to support young people on their career pathways, the JRF Team were delighted to be awarded funding by the LHC Community Benefit Fund, in association with Locality.

The grant is to support JRF’s ‘Positive Futures’ project working with 16 – 25-year-olds to equip them with the information, resources, skills, and self-belief they need to enter the world of work, and to understand and manage their money, to plan for their future financial independence.

To a backdrop of multi-sports the young participants will attend a series of Life Coaching workshops involving practical money management sessions, healthy meals on a budget, as well as techniques to enhance their physical and mental health, self-confidence, and resilience.

The Career Coaching workshops will involve using CVs and LinkedIn to showcase skills, advice on how to create a positive impression, information about self-employment or starting a business, and preparing for interviews.

Martene Carroll, Business Development Manager said; “The overall message we hope to convey to our participants through the Positive Futures project, is for them to understand the importance of aiming high in their everyday lives, and for them to recognize how being proactive can help them to reach their future goals.”

If you are between 16 – 25-years of age and wish to participate on this programme please email

Health Matters to JRF

Adults playing table tennis

On Sunday 29th January from 12:00 – 5:00 pm the JRF Team are hosting a community Health & Wellbeing Day to celebrate and promote the launch of their ‘Our Time Zone’ project, a multi-sport, social, and health club for adults, funded by You Decide Brent Health Matters.

The free to attend event being held at Bridgestone Arena, NW10 8PL, the home of the Foundation over the last 15-years, will give attendees the opportunity to speak with a range of professionals and experts in their field about health-related issues that can affect our everyday lives.

When the Foundation first launched in 2007 the focus was very much on sport for development for children and young people. However, over the years JRF’s work has evolved to encompass all generations, concentrating on health and wellbeing family interventions, and intergenerational community projects and events, collaborating with local voluntary, public, and private sector organisations, and funding bodies to achieve their objective of ‘community first’.

The ‘Our Time Zone’ project was supported by members of the local community when they were asked to vote for their favourite projects under Brent Council’s new You Decide community grants programme initiative.

The Club will offer adults a range of sports, games, and activities to suit all ages and abilities on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings including a Walking Club, Walking Football, Table Tennis, Boxing/Sparring, Badminton, Golf, Pool, Chair exercises, Yoga, Book Club, board games, and refreshments.

On Sundays there will be ‘Let’s Talk Health’ information sessions through local health and support services including Diabetes, Prostrate & Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart Health, NHS Cessation services, Mental Health & Bereavement, Vaccination (including Covid-19) and Screening Services, Nutrition Advice, and signposting to other local services. Throughout the project there will also be community events and Walking Football Tournaments held on Sundays.

‘Meet your Local GP’ sessions will give participants not already registered with a GP surgery the opportunity to do so as well as benefit from On-Site Health Checks including Blood Pressure, cholesterol, weight/BMI, and skin checks.

The ‘Our Time Zone’ club will give adults the opportunity to come together socially in a community setting and enjoy a range of activities.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation said, “We have been hoping to provide this type of service to adults in the community, and the funding through You Decide Brent Health Matters has given us the opportunity to deliver the ‘Our Time Zone’ project. After the curbs put on our social interaction due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we know how important it is for children, young people, and adults alike to have the chance to come together socially, and enjoy activities to enhance their health, fitness, and general wellbeing.”

For more information regarding this and other JRF projects please contact

What is Brent Health Matters?

The goal of the Brent Health Matters Programme is to reduce health inequalities in Brent.

Health inequalities are avoidable, unfair and systematic differences in health between different groups of people.

Our shared programme will be looking to engage with the community on a number of wide-ranging issues to reduce the health inequalities experienced in Brent.

In the 2022-2023 Grants round Brent Council launched the You Decide initiative where shortlisted applications from registered organisations eligible to apply, were put to the public vote.

JRF Launch Inclusive Communities Project

Coach and SEN child balancing on balls

The Jason Roberts Foundation are excited to announce the launch of their new ‘Inclusive Communities’ project – a sport for all programme for children with physical and learning disabilities (SEND) thanks to funding from Brent Council You Decide Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL).

The project which will be delivered by trained coaches and staff at weekends and during school holidays will offer a range of sports, activities, and games at Bridgestone Arena, NW10 8PL a fully inclusive and accessible sports and community centre which offers suitable facilities, games, and equipment, helping to break down barriers to participation for these children.

The Inclusive Communities Project received overwhelming support from the local community when they were asked to vote for their favourite projects under Brent Council’s new You Decide community grants programme initiative.

Working with local SEND schools the Foundation plan to offer some mid-term sports provision to support PE lessons and will host 3 Sports Days during the summer, bringing children together from different schools.

The half term and summer holiday sessions will be integrated alongside mainstream delivery and incorporate a Buddy System, creating an ethos where everyone can take part equally, helping the children to feel less marginalised and excluded.

There will be mentors on hand to instil confidence and self-belief in the children to take part in and try new sports, helping them to overcome barriers, as well as helping them to ‘find their voice’ through media workshops via our Cultural Media Centre. For young people aged 14+ there are plans to support them on progression pathways to Apprenticeships, training, and work experience to enhance life skills and opportunities.

Parents, Carers, and family members are welcome to accompany their children to the Sunday sessions and the Foundation will support them to form a Parents Active Group to offer respite, create a support network, meet socially, share ideas and information.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation said, “We are delighted to receive funding from Brent Council, and You Decide NCIL to deliver our ‘Inclusive Communities’ programme. We know that sports participation for children with SEND is significantly lower that the overall population and this project will bridge that gap and maximise sports participation for these children.”

Cllr Fleur Donnelly-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, Equalities and Culture said: “It’s wonderful to see projects like this, funded by regeneration in the borough, come to life. I have no doubt that the programme will make a positive difference for  local children.”

The Sunday afternoon sessions will run from 12:00 – 2:00 pm. For more information and to register your child please contact

About NCIL

The NCIL Fund provides grants for community projects that support the regeneration of the borough. At least 15 per cent of all the money Brent Council collect from new, eligible, developments in the borough must be spent on priorities that are agreed in consultation with the local community.

Brent is divided into five ‘CIL Neighbourhoods’, Harlesden, Kilburn and Kensal, Kingsbury and Kenton, Wembley, and Willesden.  Grants can be used for Physical improvements anything from painting and refurbishing a community centre, updating play areas or installing public water fountains, or Social infrastructure projects such as educational courses (an after-school homework club), support schemes (to support residents with the costs of living) or projects that bring the community together (a coffee morning promoting health opportunities).

In the 2022-2023 Grants round Brent Council launched the You Decide initiative where shortlisted applications from registered organisations eligible to apply, were put to the public vote.

Back to Movement for Brent Youth

Children playing golf

The young people of Brent continue to enjoy urban Golf and a sports and social Youth Zone club delivered by JRF thanks to funding from Track Academy’s Back to Movement in partnership with Sport England.

Track Academy launched an exciting new initiative called Back to Movement, aimed at helping the diverse community of Brent recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Created in partnership with Sport England, Back to Movement has been designed to increase the activity levels of residents of all ages through free sessions held across the borough. It will also provide opportunities for people to reconnect with each other and build hope for the future. For more information visit

JRF came up with two initiatives to appeal to the young people of Brent, helping them to reconnect with their peers and recover from the impact that Covid-19 restrictions may have had on them.

The JRF Golf project was developed as it is a social sport which helps boost self-esteem, social skills, and overall mental wellbeing. However, it is traditionally known as an elite sport.

Through Back to Movement, the Foundation can break down barriers for many to access the sport and positively impact the community.

By offering free golf sessions twice a week, training local coaches and creating pathways for participants to progress to nearby golf clubs, the sport is being made more accessible.

Through the Youth Zone project, the Foundation has created a safe haven where social interaction and inclusion can thrive, young people can feel connected to the community, and where they can improve their physical and mental fitness.

The programme offers a range of activities all year round such as dance, football, cricket, table tennis, basketball and many more.

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JRF awarded National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant

Heritage Flyer featuring footballers

The Jason Roberts Foundation (JRF) is awarded a £53,600 grant by The National Lottery Heritage Fund to implement the Inspire to Achieve Heritage Programme: Uncovering the Histories of the Footballers who Paved the Way.

JRF has received support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the Inspire to Achieve project, it was announced today. Thanks to National Lottery players, the project aims to celebrate the untold stories of a dozen former footballers, each of whom grew up within sight of Wembley Stadium, and whose stories will inspire the Brent community through a range of outputs and activities.

Some of the footballers who have pledged their support of this project include Paul Merson, Dave Beasant, Rachel Yankey, Richard Langley, the Stein brothers – Mark, Edwin, and Brian, Jason Roberts, Luther Blissett, Phillip ifil, Dave Regis, Gary Waddock, Darren Currie, Jamal Campbell-Ryce, Jerome Thomas, Junior Lewis, and Eartha Pond. The family of the late Cyrille Regis have also confirmed their support of the project which honours the great legacy he left.

The programme is primarily designed to create opportunities for disadvantaged young people to develop new skills through co-curation and to inspire the local community to engage with cultural heritage through relatable themes.

JRF is committed to work with the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB), local mainstream and SEND schools, other youth driven organisations, and the local housing association to provide new opportunities for young people to not only learn about inspirational characters and the history of their environment, but also learn new skills related to researching, recording, and presenting narratives through a range of mixed media.

While inspiring young people through the active collection, preservation and sharing of heritage, and the motivational stories of the footballers, the health and wellbeing activities will be aimed at the older generation by establishing a sporting memories cafe.

Commenting on the award, Otis Roberts, CEO of JRF said: “We’re delighted that we’ve received this support thanks to National Lottery players. Throughout the programme and beyond, we will be promoting the centre (Bridgestone Arena) as a place of sporting and cultural activity for visitors to the area, and due to our proximity to Wembley Stadium, we will be able to attract a wide cross section of visitors from the UK and abroad each time this venue is used to host a range of prominent and popular events. We are looking forward to getting the project underway”


Notes to editors

About Jason Roberts Foundation

JRF is a sport for development charity. We deliver a programme of wrap-around support including mentoring, life skills, education, and training, within our multi-sports activities that provide opportunities to young people, including those at risk, and promote exercise and team games for children and young people, including those with physical and learning disabilities.

There is also a focus on health and wellbeing family interventions, and intergenerational community projects and events. Activities are delivered throughout the week, and we collaborate with local voluntary, public, and private sector organisations, clubs, and funding bodies to achieve our objective of community first.

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About The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Using money raised by the National Lottery, we Inspire, lead and resource the UK’s heritage to create positive and lasting change for people and communities, now and in the future.

Follow @HeritageFundUK on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #NationalLotteryHeritageFund

Since The National Lottery began in 1994, National Lottery players have raised over £43 billion for projects and more than 635,000 grants have been awarded across the UK.

Further information

For further information, images and interviews please contact Otis Roberts at Jason Roberts Foundation on 07904318965 or


JRF wins National Lottery funding

Women Football Training

In June the JRF were delighted to launch a new initiative – the Euro 2021 Legacy project, thanks to a lottery award received from Sport England.

JRF is celebrating after being awarded £9,650 of National Lottery funding from Sport England to encourage more people to participate in sport and community engagement, specifically women, girls, and older men.

The grant has allowed JRF to launch the EURO 2021 Legacy Project and deliver an additional three sports sessions each week, including Women’s Football, Girls’ Football, and a Men’s Football tournament.  Due to the success and popularity of the Women’s sessions, JRF has also hosted a female only Football tournament.

In addition to these mid-week sessions, attendees of the EURO 2021 Legacy Project are invited to take part in regular “Super Sunday” events which encompass the wider Brent community – children, young people, and adults. These events involve football matches, international tournaments, and health, and wellbeing initiatives, and encourage participation in sports activities to improve physical and mental health, and social interaction.

JRF is a sport for development charity delivering a programme of wrap-around support that provide opportunities to young people, including those at risk, and promote exercise and team games for children and young people, including those with physical and learning disabilities.

There is also a focus on health and wellbeing family interventions, and intergenerational community projects and events to achieve the charity’s objective of community first.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation, is thrilled to have been awarded the funding:

“We are delighted to have secured this investment which means we can deliver additional sports sessions each week for specific groups including women, girls, and older men. Our Euro 2021 Legacy Project will work to address inactivity, inequality, and social exclusion, by engaging marginalised individuals and groups in Brent who are not regularly engaging in sports and fitness activities.“

“Thank you to everyone who plays the National Lottery, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you.”

If you would like to know how to get involved in one of the JRF community sessions email and one of the team will get back to you.



Notes to Editors

For more details about the project please contact Martene Carroll at JRF –

About JRF

Based at Bridgestone Arena (formerly the Pavilion), Stonebridge Recreation Ground, Hillside, London NW10 8LW, the Foundation was set up in 2007 by former professional football, Jason Roberts MBE, and is managed by his Uncle Otis Roberts.

JRF delivers work in Brent, NW London, and Grenada in the Caribbean, supporting the communities in sport, fitness, wellbeing, education, and training.

About National Lottery

National Lottery players raise £30m every week for good causes, funding arts, heritage, sports, voluntary and charity projects around the UK. For more information on good causes in your area go to

About Sport England

Sport England is a public body and invests up to £300 million National Lottery and government money each year in projects and programmes that help people get active and play sport.

It wants everyone in England, regardless of age, background, or level of ability, to feel able to engage in sport and physical activity. That’s why a lot of its work is specifically focused on helping people who do no, or very little, physical activity and groups who are typically less active – like women, disabled people, and people on lower incomes.