Following their successful ‘Thrive in Brent’ application to the Edward Harvist Trust Fund the JRF Team are delighted by the positive impact the project is having on the local community.

The awarded grant has enabled JRF to purchase equipment for the Community Hub to aid Fitness Activities, Events, and Training programmes for Brent residents.

Regular community events hosted by the JRF team celebrate the rich diversity of Brent and support residents to come together socially, share experiences, and build strong relationships. From cultural festivals, sports tournaments, and family fun days, these gatherings help to foster a sense of belonging and unity, enhancing community spirit.

A key aspect of JRF’s offer is to empower young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, through education, training, and career pathways. The funding has enabled the team to offer access to mentoring and career workshops to guide young adults towards fulfilling and sustainable careers.

Sport, exercise, and fitness activities are central to JRF’s offer and Health and Wellbeing are at the core of the ‘Thrive in Brent’ project, as it seeks to improve the overall physical and mental wellbeing of Brent residents. Offering a diverse rage of fitness classes, from yoga and dance to outdoor workouts and sports activities, with the aim of making exercise enjoyable and accessible to all age groups and fitness levels. Nutritional workshops and health screenings are also on offer to underpin healthy lifestyle choices.

Martene Carroll, Business Development Manager for JRF said of the award; “We are delighted to again receive funding from the Edward Harvist Trust Fund to support our work in the community. In 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were awarded funding to equip and open our onsite Cultural Media Centre, and with the additional funding provided at the time by Wembley National Stadium Trust (WNST), this allowed us to deliver online talks, forums, and fitness sessions during National lockdowns, which was a vital lifeline for the Brent community. We are very grateful to the Trust for their ongoing support.”