The Jason Roberts Foundation (JRF) are delighted to have been selected by England Rugby and the Mayor of London to deliver London EmpowerHER, a new project that aims to create a healthier, safer, and more inclusive future for young women and girls.

The project will launch in April and will be delivered to local schools and from JRF’s community hub on the Stonebridge Estate, Bridgestone Arena (formerly The Pavilion), London NW10 8LW.

Offering weekly Rugby coaching sessions alongside monthly ‘club’ sessions which will informally explore issues such as mental well-being, leadership and relationships, nutrition, self-care, and personal support.

Media activities will involve each participant creating a podcast to talk about their rugby experiences, focusing on activities to raise the profile of women’s rugby in preparation for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2025,

There will also be the opportunity for participants to attend an England Women’s game at Twickenham for the 6 Nations or a Saracens Women’s game at StoneX Stadium.

JRF will host two Rugby celebration community events with demonstration rugby skills and opportunities for everyone to have a go.

Martene Carroll, Business Development Manager for JRF said; “We are especially pleased to have been chosen to deliver this exciting initiative that is targeted to young women and girls. Despite our broad offer, we continue to experience lower participation rates amongst girls, especially as they reach adolescence. We know the myriad reasons teenage girls disengage from sport and physical activity, for example, feeling judged and lack of self-belief. We hope that through the London EmpowerHER project young women and girls will be inspired in sport and in life and we will see female participation rates grow.”


If you aged 11 – 18-years-old and are interested in taking part in this project, please contact

About London EmpowerHER:

England Rugby and the Mayor of London have joined forces to deliver London EmpowerHER, a new project aiming to create a healthier, safer, and more inclusive future for young women and girls in Redbridge and Brent communities.

As part of the project, non-contact rugby activities will be delivered to girls in the region that are designed to foster physical fitness, leadership skills, and a pathway to better employability. Beyond that, the project is also committed to supporting London’s anti-violence against women campaign, by spreading awareness and education.

The project will commence from April 2024 with young women and girls (11-18yrs), in two London boroughs – Brent & Redbridge – being the primary focus.

With England hosting Rugby World Cup 2025, and with Twickenham being a host venue for the tournament, England Rugby is seeking to grow the women and girls’ game throughout the capital and showcase the many benefits the sport can have on both mental and physical health.

Bolstered by hosting next year’s Rugby World Cup, England Rugby has set a target of reaching 100k registered female players by 2027. The London EmpowerHER initiative is designed to help achieve that growth, while also allowing young girls to develop skills that will be important in later life.

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