St. George’s University, Grenada last Tuesday hosted the Liverpool Legends at a sumptuous cocktail reception held at Caribbean House on the True Blue Campus.

The gathering provided an opportunity for St. George’s University to thank the Jason Roberts Foundation and in particular the Liverpool Legends for generously donating their time and their talent to a week of activities including a fundraiser and football match between the Liverpool Legends and the Grenada Select XI.  The week of activities were geared towards raising awareness, support and funds of and for the foundations aims of,

“encouraging young people in sporting activity, which will contribute to improving health and fitness, self esteem, confidence and social inclusion; and to participate in learning programmes that will enhance educational achievement.”

Representing the Legends were: Phil Thompson, Bruce Grobbelaar, Rob Jones, Jason McAteer, Gary Gillespie, Mark Wright, Phil Babb, Michael Thomas, John Durnin, Mark Walters,’ Paul Walsh.  On behalf of the foundation were Otis Roberts, CEO of the foundation and Gary Mulcahey, Caribbean Development Manager among others.  From St. George’s University were, Dr. Dennis Paul, Vice Provost for Institutional Advancement, Mr. George McGuire, Associate Dean School of Arts and Sciences and Mr. Trevor Noel, Assistant Director of WINDREF.Dr. Paul took the opportunity to share a little about SGU’s history and the chancellor’s vision. He expressed his hope that the Legends and the Jason Roberts Foundation would “continue the good work they had started here in Grenada”

Mr. George Macguire enthusiastically welcomed and thanked the team for the “sharing their talent with Grenadians” adding that the team members were clearly not yet over the hill and invited them to make repeat visits.

Mr. Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation was effusive in his gratitude on behalf of the Foundation.

“SGU making available buses and accommodation at the University Club over the duration of the trip and hosting a cocktail party at Caribbean House was invaluable in the co-ordination of the Week of Action and helped to make it a huge success.”

He agreed that the relationship between the Foundation and the University started with the Chancellor who on being approached for assistance replied, “you mix the cake and we’ll help you bake it”.    Mr. Roberts continued, “all we’ve ever wanted, we got and more and we are grateful for this strong relationship.”

In a thank you letter to St. George’s University, Mr. Roberts applauded the week of activities as “an outstanding success with the highlight being the match day event” where over 2000 participants attended the game versus The Grenada Select XI.

The university has been a premier supporter of the Jason Roberts Foundation from its inception in 2007 providing support in the form of administration, accommodation, receptions, educational facilities to support programmes run by the foundation, physical practice areas and transportation to name a few.

St. George’s University remains committed in their mission to keep education as their highest purpose, through development of intellectual capacity, creativity and professionalism.  In this regard, an ideal partnership has been forged with the Jason Roberts Foundation which champions community and youth development through education, taking seriously the relationship between healthy bodies and healthy minds.