November 10th was the launch night for the new Cultural and Media Centre (CMC) at the Jason Roberts Foundation (JRF). The evening was dedicated to informing every individual at our centre, ranging from children to adults about how the new CMC provides a platform where everyone has a voice, especially during the disconnected times we have faced, during the pandemic, which sees a shift to more online ways of communicating.

The launch night highlighted the opportunities within the CMC, for example, photography, engagement, media, and film. This centre’s aim is to help individuals learn new skills and credentials as well as offer enjoyable media activities that are on offer at the same time.

The JRF held multiple interactive workshops with children of all ages and backgrounds so that they could discuss opportunities. Additionally, displaying the new full green screen studio, microphones, and multiple photographic types of equipment available, with the aim to promote the different career opportunities within the media industry whilst inspiring the young generation.

Many of the individuals that attended the evening, reported positively to the CMC; one Brent teenager expressed that she was very ‘excited’; and another young person stated that they ‘couldn’t wait to get started’ as they were extremely impressed by the new media opportunities the centre is now providing them, as these resources (and Media Courses) are not provided by their schools.

In addition, a small number of Brent youths have launched a new podcast, ‘Kids Talk’ which has become quite popular around the centre; this podcast encourages young people to discuss any relevant topic, no matter how big or small, such as disputes with siblings, COVID-19, and sport. This illustrates the opportunities and freedom these individuals will get due to the CMC that possibly wouldn’t be offered elsewhere.

The JRF encourages and welcomes everyone to come along and explore these amazing new resources available to help provide skills and opportunities to them.

Written by Georgia Winters – UCFB Student