On Sunday 20th October the first phase of the Winter Go Green League came to a close, with teams competing at Bridgestone Arena for the winner’s trophy.

The Go Green League which was supported through funding from Wembley ParkQuintain’s 85-acre development in north-west London, consisted of 12 local teams who played in the tournament over a 7-week period.

The League was an idea borne by a group of local young men with the idea of bringing other young men together to compete in the football tournament whilst tackling mental health, environmental, and climate issues.

On the cold October evening bragging rights started at the press conference and after a hard-fought tournament, the Ziyad FC came out eventual winners.

The highlight of the tournament was the commitment of the participants and residents to tackling climate Issues. Old friends and the local community came together to support the initiative, with the day starting with a community clean-up in the Stonebridge ward. Within a relatively short space of time the social action group had collected a considerable amount of rubbish from local streets and green spaces, which highlighted the need for schemes like this.

An interactive workshop arranged by Ilaria Esposito from Start Easy was delivered with a mixture of age groups taking part and it was agreed that the community will look to do this on a weekly basis to keep their local neighbourhood cleaner and greener.

The Go Green League will continue, and further plans are in the pipeline to develop a similar League for the younger generation and women.