On Wednesday 8th December JRF were pleased to again work in partnership with Brent Council on hosting a new initiative, the Climate Cup, a free Football Tournament for 14 – 21-year-olds. 

Teams competed for the Climate Cup 2021 Trophy, and off the pitch they had the opportunity to learn more about climate change and the small, everyday things we can all do to try to try to halt it.

Climate change and environmental sustainability are subjects that the young people of Brent have shown a keen interest in. During the round-table discussions they demonstrated a good knowledge of the issues we all face in the fight to stop further damage to our planet, understanding the impact this would have on them and future generations.

During the evening refreshments were provided and prizes were given to some of the deserving competitors. The winning team raised the Climate Cup 2021 trophy at the end of the football tournament, but everyone who attended agreed that Climate change is an issue we all must win.

Read the Brent Council press release here https://www.brent.gov.uk/council-news/december-2021/climate-change-meets-football/

Watch a short video of the event here https://vimeo.com/660129830

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