On Sunday 17th September the JRF Team hosted the ‘Stonebridge Huddle’ at Bridgestone Arena. This collective group of local organisations have formed the ‘Stonebridge Huddle’ to collaborate and share resources for the benefit of the local community.

JRF, Connect Stars, and Hilltop Circle joined forces with Ultra Education and Hillside Performing Arts to provide activities, services, and volunteers that the local community can access.

The Football Association (FA) provided a Coaching Pathways session for men and women who have faced challenges on progressing in the coaching world.

Many young people enjoyed the sports activities on offer including tennis, football, and table tennis before taking part in a workshop for budding entrepreneurs on how young people can start a business.

The Nine Run Club delivered an exercise programme whilst promoting their sessions, and all of the organisations that make up the ‘Stonebridge Huddle’ co-designed a programme of activities for local young people.

Hilltop Ladies played a thrilling football match versus East London followed by coaching advice and refreshments for over 300 people who took part in the day.

For more information regarding these organisations visit:

JRF – www.jasonrobertsfoundation.com

Connect Stars – https://connectstars.org/

Hilltop Circle – https://hilltopcircle.co.uk/

Ultra Education – https://ultra.education/our_mission/

Hillside Performing Arts – https://www.hillsideperformingarts.com/