On Wednesday 13th October, the JRF in partnership with Higgins invited the Brent community to join them at Bridgestone Arena to discuss the all-important topic of Climate Change and the minor changes people can make that will lead to a positive change.

Waste Management giant Veolia, Ackroyd Lowrie Architects and Brent Council who are making it their business to act on climate change, attended the important discussion covering subjects like carbon emissions, how it affects us, and ways to minimise carbon emission in Brent – for example, walking and cycling more.

A week prior to the event, JRF held a community forum to assess local people’s knowledge and understanding of the subject, which helped residents to prepare questions they wanted to ask of the panel on the day of the event.

JRF Youth Ambassadors have previously had the opportunity to be involved in round table discussions with Brent Council and Ackroyd Lowrie Architects and they again used the opportunity to ask tough questions of the panel.

The Climate Change Discussion which ran from 5.00 – 8.00 pm was a free to attend event for the Brent community to have the opportunity to hear from the panel of professionals, including Ackroyd Lowrie Architects – who kindly sponsored the refreshments for the day. Oliver Lowrie – one of the Directors of the visionary Architect Practice provided a fantastic insight into the effects of carbon emissions, as well as a view of the new buildings and developments they are working on through their virtual reality headsets.

Ackroyd Lowries’ write up of the event can be read here https://www.ackroydlowrie.com/blog-1/2021/10/20/climate-change-event-with-the-jason-roberts-foundation

With sport as the backdrop of this vital discussion, the event continued into the evening with elders from the community, and centre user groups giving their views about Climate Change.

The JRF Team look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

Watch the video here https://vimeo.com/641504963