29th January 2023

On Sunday 29th January the JRF Team hosted a community Health & Wellbeing Day to celebrate and promote the launch of their ‘Our Time Zone’ project, a multi-sport, social, and health club for adults, funded by You Decide Brent Health Matters.

The free to attend event was held at Bridgestone Arena, and gave  attendees the opportunity to speak with a range of professionals and experts in their field about health-related issues that can affect our everyday lives.

Over 100 people of all ages attended with a large number of women due to the event coinciding with a women’s football tournament taking place.

The Brent Health Matters Team were present throughout the day, and a Clinical Team led by Andre Nolan provided attendees with health MOTs which encompassed weight and BMI, and blood pressure checks.

There were health talks and advice on a range of issues covering mental wellbeing, nutrition, diabetes, general wellbeing, and foot care.

Thanks to Andre and the Team for making it such an informative and constructive event.

We look forward to the next one in April.

About the ‘Our Time Zone’ Club

The ‘Our Time Zone’ Club offers adults a range of sports, games, and activities to suit all ages and abilities on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings including a Walking Club, Walking Football, Table Tennis, Boxing/Sparring, Badminton, Golf, Pool, Chair exercises, Yoga, Book Club, board games, and refreshments.

On Sundays there are ‘Let’s Talk Health’ information sessions through local health and support services including Diabetes, Prostrate & Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart Health, NHS Cessation services, Mental Health & Bereavement, Vaccination (including Covid-19) and Screening Services, Nutrition Advice, and signposting to other local services. Throughout the project there will also be community events and Walking Football Tournaments held on Sundays.

‘Meet your Local GP’ sessions will give participants not already registered with a GP surgery the opportunity to do so as well as benefit from On-Site Health Checks including Blood Pressure, cholesterol, weight/BMI, and skin checks.

The ‘Our Time Zone’ club gives adults the opportunity to come together socially in a community setting and enjoy a range of activities.

For more information regarding this and other JRF projects please contact info@jasonrobertsfoundation.org

What is Brent Health Matters?

The goal of the Brent Health Matters Programme is to reduce health inequalities in Brent.

Health inequalities are avoidable, unfair and systematic differences in health between different groups of people.

Our shared programme will be looking to engage with the community on a number of wide-ranging issues to reduce the health inequalities experienced in Brent.