On Sunday 3rd July the Jason Roberts Foundation hosted the GDK Cup, a summer Football Tournament at Bridgestone Arena, NW10.

The GDK Cup, the brainchild of popular food brand company German Doner Kebab, saw more than 110  young people compete in a tournament with a focus on positive futures and career options. 

The event was ably organised and executed by JRF Youth Ambassadors who, as part of their work experience take part in training to organise and run events for the Foundation, and in the process help them to acquire a range of skills to add to their CV.

When asked by Loren, one of JRF’s Youth Ambassadors, how he thought about linking a sporting event to the German Doner Kebab name, Eddie Duah, Director and CEO of GDK answered, “It’s something we’ve done before with other teams, and we’re super proud of it. Being able to bring opportunities to people from North, South, East, and West London for me is amazing. When we had the possibility to do it with JRF and give young people a chance to get involved – whether helping to organise the event or playing in the tournament, was a no-brainer for us.”

Congratulating the JRF Youth Ambassadors for their great work in organising the event, Eddie went on to say, “I remember when I was younger being told that you need experience to do something, but if you’re not given the chance you’ll never get the experience. The more opportunities young people get, the better their job and career prospects will be.”

After an exciting final, the winning team hopped on the JRF minibus with their trophy to enjoy food at the nearby GDK in Willesden Green, where Eddie and the GDK staff met with the team and JRF Youth Ambassadors.

JRF plan to host similar events throughout the summer, promoting the benefits of sport, teamwork, diversity and inclusion as well as positive futures for young people.