Following the official launch in January 2021 of JRF’s new ‘Cultural Media Centre’ (CMC) situated at Bridgestone Arena, the home of the Foundation since its launch in 2007, JRF are thrilled to announce the launch of the CMC Website.

The newly created CMC website can be accessed directly or via the JRF website through the Media Centre at the top of the page.

The CMC was borne, in part, as a response to the ongoing pandemic and the need of the Foundation team to find creative ways to stay in contact with and continue to support their local community.

Equipment to resource the studio was funded through grants awarded to JRF from the London Community Response Fund and Trustees of Wembley National Stadium Trust, and the Edward Harvist Trust Fund, as well as donations and refurbishment by local firm C&C Builders Ltd.

The new CMC website will house all media output including podcasts, videos, events, and CMC Radio, and will cover areas including Careers, Education Environment, Health, Heritage, JRF Projects, Sport, The Arts, and Youth Voices.

The CMC provides a platform where “everyone has a voice” and offers a vital connection in these disconnected times, and the CMC website will enable those voices to be shared to a wider audience.