The Nine Run Club which is supported by the Jason Roberts Foundation and was born from the fitness and wellbeing drive from the local Brent community continues to flourish.

Every Tuesday evening at Bridgestone Arena, NW10, popular coach Nine Forbes puts families through their paces with a range of fitness activities suitable for all ages and abilities, and lately the numbers have been growing rapidly.

The group are tested with warm-ups, dance, yoga, and walks around local green spaces, with some of them advancing to running. In addition podcasts that give the group a platform to share their views on fitness issues and opportunities in the Borough, as well as Walking trips to places of interest, has injected a sense of fun, reward, and teamwork for this group.

Many newcomers have joined from further afield as the keen fitness troupe continues to support one another under the stewardship of their coach Nine.

Local resident Nine says ; “These ladies and gentlemen come out each week with the same level of passion, regardless of the weather. They show resilience and enthusiasm, and with the numbers increasing week-on-week, there is a real buzz in Stonebridge each Tuesday evening.”

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