Earlier this month JRF added Health in the Community to the ever-growing agenda of sports, fitness, and participation programmes on offer, with a Health Matters Event at Bridgestone Arena.

Over 200 people from the Brent community attended the event and had the opportunity to hear from several health professionals against a backdrop of sporting activities that they could participate in.

Delegates from Brent Health Matters including Andre the agency’s Clinical Lead, and representatives from Mental Health and Sexual Health were on hand to speak to the community about these important topics.

Lyndon Wissart – the Inspired Diabetic and professional Chef was also present to provide nutrition and diet guidance as well as information on Diabetes as were the 360 Well-being Company.

A series of short talks with the young people and elders who attended, with interviews and pep talks providing much needed advice continued into the evening and the over 50s were given a masterclass in nutrition and diet before their football match.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation commented, “It was extremely pleasing to see so many members of the Brent community – young and old, come along to this Health event. It’s clear that Health Matters to many people and we are grateful to the support from local health organisations and professionals by attending.

We were delighted to welcome Esther, one of our regulars on the weekly online fitness sessions delivered by Cherrelle and Michael, to the centre and we look forward to seeing her more.”

JRF hope to continue these types of events that provide vital information to the Brent community on a more frequent basis throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

Watch the video here https://vimeo.com/630981569


Lyndon Wissart – The Inspired Diabetic https://www.filamentpublishing.com/shop/health-fitness/the-inspired-diabetic/

Brent Health Matters https://www.brent.gov.uk/your-community/brent-health-matters/