In August the JRF joined forces with local partners, Cricklewood Boxing Club and First Round Fitness, to promote their new weekly Boxing sessions.

The event held at Bridgestone Arena, the ‘home’ of the Foundation since it’s launch in 2007,  proved to be very popular with people of all ages and abilities using punch bags in the new gym area that has been created at the centre, or sparring for those who already had some experience in the sport.

The male and female coaches from Cricklewood Boxing Club and First Round Fitness ensured everyone who attended the event were armed with some of the moves including how to jab, cross, hook, and upper cut, as well as how to guard against their opponents’ punches.

Girls proved to be as quick on the jab as the boys, and many left the event with the enthusiasm to take part in the weekly sessions on offer.

Otis Roberts, CEO of the Foundation commented, “It was great to see so many people take part in our Boxing Clever event, and we were especially pleased to see an increased number of girls getting involved. We are grateful to our partners Cricklewood Boxing Club and First Round Fitness for their support in hosting this event and we hope to do another one soon.”

JRF Boxing sessions are held at Bridgestone Arena, NW10 8LW on the following days:

Wednesday 7 – 8pm for all ages

Thursday 5 – 6 pm for 5 – 8-yrs / 7 – 8pm for Girls / 8 – 9pm for 16+ yrs

Saturday 12.30 – 1.30 pm for all ages

Sunday 1 – 2 pm

For details of Cricklewood Boxing Club classes go to

For information on First Round Fitness go to