March 2023

JRF are pleased to announce a new Sports Programme specifically for girls – ‘This Girl Can’ an outreach programme to reframe sport and physical activity for girls, to tackle adolescent and teenage disengagement.

The project funded by Hyde Housing Association Ltd. Will involve relatable role models to expand the image of what ‘sporty’ looks like, and aims to offer activities that are exciting and appealing, to encourage more girls to take part.

The 6-month ‘This Girl Can’ project has been informed by the findings and recommendations from the Women in Sport’s 2022 Report, funded by Sport England “Reframing Sport for Teenage Girls: Tackling Teenage Disengagement” Published in March 2022.

JRF has consulted with their existing female participants, Youth Volunteers, and Coaches to understand their motivation for playing sport and participating in activities that are on offer, and conversely, what barriers thet face that stops them from playing sport.

Using the information learnt, and a better understanding of teenage girls’ lives and their relationship with sport and physical activity, as well as the wider issues they face, JRF will offer targeted sports and physical activity sessions for girls that pose no judgement, give girls a voice and a choice, and encourage girls to build sport and exercise into their existing habits.

If you are interested in joining the programme please email with the subject header: This Girl Can.